Adopt a New Pet
Thank you for your interest in adopting a stray or abandoned animal. It takes a very special person to do so! The fee for adopting a dog or cat from A2Z Animal Sheltering Services are as follows. The base adoption fee covers a microchip, free health exam from a local veterinarian, 30 day pet insurance and the first shots for dogs and cats. The shots are DH2PP, and Bordatella for dogs, FRCP for cats. Each additional shot will be charged at a rate of $7.50.


  DOGS Adoption Fee $50.00
  Spay/Neuter $50.00
  CATS Adoption Fee $35.00
  Spay/Neuter $35.00

Adoption Policies:

If a potential adopter rents their home (rental property or apartment complex), they must complete a rental agreement form with their landlord and submit it to us. I've attached a copy of this document.

Click here for the Landlord Permission Form

All animals will either be altered prior to adoption or will be required to be altered. If an alteration can not be preformed prior to adoption, you will be charged the spay/neuter fee and the adopter will be required to obtain an appointment with the approved vet within two weeks.

*There is a 7 day period that the adopted animal can be exchanged. Or, you can get a certificate which gives you 6 months to adopt a different animal. Sorry, no refunds.

*The shelter accepts cash and debit payments on adoptions.

Operation Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Adopting a Shelter/Rescue Dog: The Official Guide 2016 Edition

This free book is designed to be a quick and easy-to-read primer on must-know information for anyone adopting a new shelter pet! There is so much information available about adopting dogs out there that trying to know what to do can become an overwhelming obstacle. Download your FREE COPY HERE.