Foster a Furry Friend

Do you have room in your home and heart for an animal that needs special attention or care? Our Foster Program allows volunteers to take animals home temporarily to give them the love, attention and special care they need until a forever home can be found.

Pregnant Cats & Dogs
They need a safe & comfortable place to have their litters of kittens or puppies. Once old enough, the babies and mother can be put up for adoption. They will be listed on our Pet List as well.

Young Puppies & Kittens
The shelter often has very young animals that need special attention: bottle feeding, wet canned food, or medication. Some are just too young to be adopted out and need a place to live until they are older. These little guys need more attention and socialization until they are ready for their forever home.

Sick or Injured Animal
There is a need for a place for animals to stay after a surgery (such as a spay or neuter). They need a comfortable, quiet home with someone who can look after their needs. Some animals may have an illness that requires special medication or a stress free environment where they can rehabilitate. Once they are all better, they can be put up for adoption.

Extra Socialization
There are some animals in the shelter that are not very social due to past events and would thrive in a home environment. This may include animals that are timid, scared or have not been around people very much. It takes a lot of love and patience, but these guys usually build a great relationship with people if given a chance. This will help them to be a great pet for someone!

Click here for a Foster Application - Please fill out the application and return it to the shelter in person.
Fostered animals may also be listed on our pet list with an approximate date that they will be available for adoption. Foster Parents have the choice to keep the animal in their home until adopted, or returning it to the shelter to be adopted.
The more foster families we have, the more space it frees up at the shelter for more animals!
Foster Parents have first choice to adopt the animal(s).